At GDi we provide ultra-efficient technology and safety-driven solutions to our clients. We have in-house survey, design, engineering, fabrication and construction capability.

Our technology provides a cost-effective means of safely and efficiently maintaining your assets.


Bringing efficiency into the third dimension.

GDi utilises the latest laser scanning technology to rapidly capture vast amounts of valuable engineering data and HD photography. Our bespoke workflows and decades of experience have led us to execute some of the largest survey workscopes within the oil & gas industry, thus delivering maximum value to the end user.

Through the GDi survey service we save our clients time and money through reduced downtime and quicker turnaround on repairs.

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Number of Scans


Number of HD Images


Terabytes of Data


Digitised visual asset management

GDi provides clients with access to a web-based visual platform. Through this technology, we build a digital walkthrough of the asset to view the 360° HD photography.

This unique and innovative solution delivers operational, integrity and engineering functionality enhanced with mm accurate data.

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Tomorrow's plans. At the speed of light.

Our integrated systems provide everything required guaranteeing a safe and efficient change out.

Ranging from small operational improvements to large-scale engineering and construction projects, we provide a tailored service to our clients from initial concepts through to the final solution.

We deliver tailored engineering solutions to our clients with the aid of the latest CAD software and a part-automated design process. This process significantly reduces the time and cost required to execute and deliver engineering deliverables.

Human error is eliminated from this process keeping design hours and associated costs to a minimum.

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Access to your projects data. Globally.

Working with our clients we provide access to our online Engineering Portal. This online portal provides users with quick and easy access to all project documentation ensuring complete transparency and safe management of data.

Our internal capabilities ensure data sets are hosted securely and easily accessible worldwide. The project interface has been built with the customer at front of mind and requires no specialist or technical training to operate.

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Fabrication &

Streamlined construction with digital accuracy.

From the 14,000 square foot fabrication facility in Aberdeen we complete all of our client's pipework and structural modifications.

GDi's bespoke engineering workflows and optimisation processes are applied within the fabrication facility guaranteeing a seamless transition from the design to production process of our projects managed. This process ensures first time fit and eliminates any room for error.

The GDi Engineering Portal is interlinked with the fabrication process allowing for improved management of project materials. This link optimises scheduling / logistics / tracking from concept through to completion.

We provide our clients with expert offshore constructions personnel who are highly skilled in FPSO and fixed platforms ensuring efficient project management throughout.

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R&D &

Engineering. Innovation.

GDi are on the forefront of innovation. Our goal is to disrupt the conventional business models of the major service companies within the industry. We continuously improve our products to ensure the end user benefits from the leaps in technology and efficiency advancements.

To date we have delivered pioneering products to the market which compliment our core business objectives and workflows.

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